Thursday, September 07, 2006

Yeah! Why don't learning platform vendors open their platform?

I'm certain that in the near future they will have no choice but to do exactly that. (from e-clippings)

Mark, my friend, I'm scratching my head wondering the same thing.  Oh, and those numbers you mention in your question at the end...
"What is the value add in paying $100K for something that will takes weeks/months to stand up, when I could possibly pay 1/10th of that and have something turned on today?"
...Let's just say $100k is laughably low for one of those systems you listed.  Try 6 million!

Basically we return to the "snake oil" conversation within the blogosphere of learning a few months back.  They've become bloatware loaded with stuff you really don't need.  Nanolearning, and Nuvvo will quickly dominate for the small to midsize companies, so the big vendors can kiss those accounts bye-bye.  Shortly after, that those systems will, most likely, become platforms that can be implemented behind the firewall and hosted from within.  So, game over for Mr. big vendor. 
Maybe I'm just a sucker for the underdog, but if you knew the LMS drama I've lived for nearly 8 years you would completely understand.
And Mark, unfortunately, the other piece that clouds this conversation is that most people in corporate learning still haven't heard of Web2.0, learning2.0, elearning2.0, or anything2.0.  I know its hard to believe, but we still have much evangalizing to do.  Spreading the word is job one.
Refer to my last post.  Its a revolution, not an evolution.  And most people just can't handle big change, so people are treading very lightly around this subject. 
Dave Lee adds some great commentary about helping people in this space in his title Come on in, the web2.0 is just fine.
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