Wednesday, October 11, 2006

DevLearn2006 Starts with Nick Bontis

Some great stats from the opening keynote by Dr. Nick Bontis or HERE

Internet Usage 1995 4%, 1998 25%, 2006 75%
In 1997 home PCs passed TVs in units sold - Retail Week
Internet users: 30million -1999, 973million - 2006 - WTO
IP Addresses: 2 to the power of 128=? - ICANN

200 words per minute is the average reading speed of an anglo adult.  Teaching your brain to multitask increases speed of reading and comprehension: Quadrupal algorithm training module?  Can't find it on Google.  (insert personal note:  Bontis is good)

Duplication of knowledge costs companies BILLIONS.  IDC reports FORTUNE 500 wasted $12billion duplicating work.
25% of FORTUNE 500 companies have a CKO (Chief Knowledge Officer)

Sharers, NOT hoarders, required for companies to be successfull in the future.

Yikes!  I can't keep up...this is guy is AWESOME!!!  He just told the story of recruiting, hiring, attrition, exit interviews, and my favorite...LAYOFFS!  Or as my company calls it...REDEPLOYMENT.

McMaster University is where Dr. Bontis is the director of the Institute for Intellectual Capital Research Inc.

Intellectual Capital is exactly what we do in training and Dr. Bontis nails it!!!!  Read his books, or here him speak.  Web2.0 is exactly what he is talking about.  Learning2.0 is the piece that falls into our domain.  We must embrace it the automation capabilities available to us in the new world web.
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