Thursday, October 05, 2006

How People Learn in Secondlife

I'm sorry to have missed this presentation.  I posted about but wasn't able to attend.  thankfully the NMC Campus Observer reported on John Bransford Gives Talk in SL.

Here is some great links to get caught up if you missed it as well.
"For a full transcript of Dr. Bransford’s talk be sure to visit the simteach wiki.  The presentation included a video of the research that is being conducted by LIFE – it can be access at the LIFE blog.  If you are interested in joining a community dedicated to building upon each other’s work and experiences be sure to attend one the NMC Teacher Buzz sessions – we would love to have you!"
The folks that participate in the NMC Teacher Buzz are great people.  I highly recommend getting connected in this space.

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Danielle (SL- Damone) Mirliss said...

LOL - Hey Brent, I emailed you today about speaking to my class in SL on Monday. I just found this reference to the post I wrote for NMC. Starting to think that SL is a really small world!!