Thursday, February 08, 2007

Course Development+Social Network+Commerce

I'm knocking around this idea in my head and just wanted to see what people thought.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a clearing house of eLearning Development Projects? I mean, let's say I'm at a high tech company and someone says, "we need all of our engineers to know the basics of thermal dynamics". So you're the developer that gets this rock dropped in your lap.

If it was me I'd want to go to something like and search for 2 things: 1) colleagues that have done this before, and 2) existing courses, or resources used for similar projects. Maybe what find isn't a complete course but an awesome structure for a similar course with all the content stripped're in business.

My point is...we've all developed courses and had that aching feeling that we are reinventing the wheel. Shouldn't we ALL be able to come together and work as a community of practice to share the work we've done? Just think how much more valuable we could be to our employers if we had a pool of content and contacts to pull from for many of our more generic content asignments (granted, this will not work for proprietary learning materials).

Can you think of any generic courses you've worked on lately?

And yes, there are issues of copyright, and ownership, and all that. I know. I'm just sayin', If someone built that Web2.0 tool, I'd be ALL OVER IT! (wink, wink)

Maybe that already exists in Wikipedia, or Squidoo, but I don't think so. My guess is that if we pulled together every LMS library of every Fortune500 you would find tons of content created that is NOT proprietary and NOT unique to any one corporation.

I'm just sayin'!
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