Friday, February 23, 2007

Send me your Learning Momments!

Look...over there...on the right side of this blog...go won't bite.
Its another cool little blog widget. This one is just too good to pass up.
Basically, ANYONE can send a picture to my cellblock.
[UPDATE: you can also put this cellblock on your own blog by pasting the embed code]
See that email at the top? Pick up your cell phone...snap a shot...and send it to and your photo will appear in my block. Pretty cool huh?

Go ahead and send in whatever you want, but I'd like to theme this little cellblock Learning Momments! The next time you find yourself learning something new send a picture of it too

I'm currently learning more about MOODLE, so I took a shot of the moodle screen to get us started. If I had Snagit! I would just use my preprogrammed hotkey that snags a screenshot and automatically sends the email...but alas...the new company laptop is still quite bare (anyone at Techsmith care to send me a complimentary copy...I'll blog about it!).

But the iMac at home will allow me to whip up a screen-grabbin'-email-sendin'-hotkey in no time.

Time to go home!!!!

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