Monday, March 19, 2007

Video broadcast should be this easy

Have you seen Justin.TV? This guy is wearing a hat with a video camera on it and he's broadcasting the video feed 24/7. This is what I would call uber-videoblogging.

Stupid, you say? Why would anyone want to do that? Maybe the answer is simply because he can.
[skip this to avoid complaining]
This always makes me giggle a little when giant Fortune 500 IT departments refuse requests by training departments to deliver media rich content. You would think the IT guys would be into this kind of stuff, but I consistently find IT people as the first to throw up the roadblocks.
[end whining]
Yet, here's this guy producing and distributing a continuous stream of video. Others can even grabe the embed code and put the video into their own web pages, blogs, etc. This is simply amazing and cool!

What if you could have a camera in your factory or warehouse producing a 24/7 feed to a web page that displays all the feeds into one page? Wouldn't this be a good thing for productivity? Nope...wait...better check with IT...we wouldn't want to constrain the bandwidth for the email system...geesh!

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