Friday, April 13, 2007

Proton Media - Corporate Virtual Worlds

One of the big surprises at the eLearning Guild Conference was seeing the many improvements over at the Proton Media booth. Lots of buzz amongst my colleagues in this space. The integration of many Web2.0 tools directly into the virtual 3D environment is very slick, and compelling.

but I'm scanning my feed reader and notice this little company...UNISFAIR (via Read/Write web).

At first glance it does not look like UNISFAIR has the same integration of collaboration tools because its focused on the events market. But Training Events are big business. I just discovered Ron Burn's blog from ProtonMedia, so I'm hoping he can add some insight to this conversation. It looks like he was as the Virtual Worlds conferece recently prior to attending the eLearning Guild event. So I'm looking forward to his next posts.

I must say that I'm a big fan of opensource tools, but coming from a decade with Intel I do see the benefits and reasons why an integrated "enterprise" solution is preferred over a free consumer app (i.e. secondlife). It all depends on your needs, and what your trying to accomplish.

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