Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Learning Ecosystem - School2-0.org

This just crossed the reader via UTechTips.

You can join the conversation at www.school2-0.org.

Good stuff! It will take some time before the old school guard gets what's going on. But hey, we've all got to start somewhere.

If you are reading this as one of the folks that doesn't think this is a good idea then i would recommend reading Karl Kapps blog of late. In his latest post he references THIS CHART from BusinessWeek. Amazing data that might help you change your mind.

For you business training folks the BusinessWeek chart is data that will support your initiatives supporting the next generation workforce.

And speaking of data...The eLearning Guild 360 Report on Synchronous Learning Systems was released today. A beautiful, comprehensive study well worth a read. SLS will be a huge part of the learning ecosystem and everyone should understand what's working, what's not working, and what's the future going to look like. If you want a little preview then you should attend the webinar as well.


Arun Kumar said...

Since you obviously have a visual approach, and are interested in how technologies can help facilitate learning, I suggest you take a look at Kerika

Brent Schlenker said...

Kerika looks interesting. I'll take more time to look it over.
You should add yourself as a vendor at supplier.elearningguild.com