Thursday, June 14, 2007

Michael Gorman - Marketing stunt or True whacko?

Have any of you been following the Britanica's HILARIOUS attempt to stop Web2.0?

Web2.0: The Sleep of Reason Part I
Web2.0: The Sleep of Reason Part II

And that's just the beginning. If you are in for a good laugh, you've got to spend some time with Mr, or is it Dr., Gorman.

I'm actually a GIANT skeptic and believe that this is a HUGE marketing scam to get Web2.0-ish viral marketing directed towards the new and improved, Web2.0-ish Brittanica web site. Its classic "take-the-other-side" to draw attention to yourself marketing. Even if he is proven wrong over the next few years it won't matter because there is no such thing as bad press. But that's just the marketing/entrepreneur in me coming out to play. I'm not the first to smell the rat, it has been called High brow linkbait.
I guess I fell for it...silly me.

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Clay Shirky response - long but worth the read.

That's all the torture you need for one weekend. Now, go start a wiki and join a social network and BE the expert you were meant to be!

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