Monday, July 23, 2007

400+ eLearning Developer Tools

I've been told recently that one of the things that people like most about my blog is the cool new tools I find and share with the eLearnDev community.

Well, here's the motherload of all developer tool lists compliments of

It's going to take me weeks to get through this list, but I'm glad its there when I need to look for this kind of stuff. I've already found some seriously cool nuggets that I'm hoping will be as cool as they look.
Let me know if you find something cool and use it for an elearning project. Enjoy!

1 comment:

Gary H said...

While it is a very cool list that I'm sure I will spend hours going through, I wouldn't call it an eLearning Dev tools list. Some tools can be used for elearning, but most are not true development tools.
But thanks for posting it. Lots of cool stuff there.