Friday, October 12, 2007

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Daredevil Strategies

My wife's childhood friend Alison Levine is on CNN. She's preparing for a 550+ mile trek to the south pole. Now THAT's kickin' A$$. The interesting thing is that it's not her first time...on CNN that is. She lead the first all woman team up Mt. Everest, and travels the globe inspiring others to do great things.

If you want to know why this is important, you can check out this post that I recently made regarding The Last Lecture.

Learning is important, but experiences teach us the most. Experiences offer up the walls that we must bring down in order to succeed. They test our will and determination. Experiences offer the best "tests" of our inner core: Something no multiple choice test will ever be able to do. Alison is very proud of her Duke MBA, but I KNOW her climbing experiences (on every continent - highest peaks) have held more opportunities for learning important skills and behaviors.

"What makes the world different is when people go out there and choose to make an impact." - Alison Levine

She passes on those learning moments and knowledge nuggets in presentations around the world. If you need a truly unique speaker for your next event, she is the best. Bonus video of Alison's demo reel

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