Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Unison - Collaborative eLearning Development

Rapid Intake has been quietly working on a killer elearning app. I totally dropped the ball on this one. I had the scoop on the story early and the old-school broadcast reporter in me wanted to be the first the break it and then bla, bla, bla...life happened...and all of sudden its released and it looks like I'm the last to post on it.

Built on the Rapid Intake collaborative eLearning development platform, Unison™ is a web-based solution that lets designers and subject matter experts (SMEs) collaboratively capture, storyboard, develop, review, test, and publish Flash-based courses —without having to know Flash. Novice users and content owners simply fill out form-based templates to create interactive Flash-based courses, while advanced users and communities create reusable custom templates by accessing the Flash source code (.fla). Project-based subscriptions start at $49 per month, enabling entire teams to work together at less cost. All output is SCORM compliant, rich-media compatible, and works on most PC and Mac browsers.

I love every last bit of what they are doing. When I first saw Unison a few months ago, my only thought was, "WOW! This totally changes the game." I am a big fan of web-based tools (and SaaS...Software as a Service) and I was wondering when the elearning world was going to jump on a board and ride the next big wave of the Internet. As far as I can tell Rapid Intake is the only company approaching rapid development this way.

Yes. There are other web2.0 learning creation web sites like Nuvvo.com which has become learnhub.com, but I think these are apples and oranges. Unison is focused on providing a great experience for the entire development team and supporting the collaborative development process.

This is not an in depth review of the app. This post is simply a shout out to Garin and his team at Rapid Intake. NICE JOB, GUYS!!! I look forward to seeing more of Unison at AG|08 in April. And hopefully some new competitors in this space as well ;-)

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