Tuesday, April 01, 2008

AG|08 Orientation Webinar Recording Available


If you missed the Annual Gathering 2008 Orientation Webinar this
morning, you can still listen to it from the link above.

I am really getting excited about AG|08 this year. We've all been so
busy putting it together that I forgot about the anticipation that
tends to build just before an event. This morning brought it all back
to me. There were so many great questions and the enthusiasm oozed
out of the chat window.

If any of you reading my blog are attending AG|08 and would like to
get hands on practice live blogging an event then please contact me in
the comments, or email me, or get in touch through the Guild office.

If you TWITTER you can now follow the event at http://www.twitter.com/ag08
If you want to see a "work-in-progress" then check out the Pagecast of
the event at http://www.pageflakes.com/ag08
...and there will be much more.

Don't forget your digital camera, cellphone camera, pda, and any other
cool gadgets that you can use to create live content at the event.

You may have heard of these, and other, web2.0 tools. Now is your
change to learn how they work.

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