Sunday, October 19, 2008

eLearning Tool Selection made simple - Authoring & Development Tool Symposium - DevLearn08

Frank Nguyen is leading the Authoring and Development Tools Symposium in 3 weeks.  He will also be joined by Paul Clothier and Betsy Bruce for the day-long symposium during pre-conference intensive day at DevLearn08

I interviewed Frank last week and the resulting Guildcast reveals an amazing opportunity that I think has been overlooked. 

The Symposia are based on The eLearning Guild's 360 degree Reports and are packed with valuable data and insights.  Instead of being mesmerized by sales speak and marketing hype, why not get right to the heart of your organizations problems and discover the tool(s) that actually will be the best tool for your needs?  As you will hear in the podcast, Frank is committed to make sure YOU get exactly what YOU need based YOUR needs. 

Okay, so you might think that you could figure this out on your own.  You probably can.  However, I know you can't get it done in ONE day.  That's the key.  If you want ROI, it doesn't get any better than this.  One day and you're loaded with data and information that you can take back to your team ready to backup your selections with data.  It just doesn't get any better than that.  Or maybe you need data to bring back to your team to convince them that they are using the WRONG tool.  You can get all that you need in ONE day.

You may not know who Frank is and perhaps that makes you nervous.  Let me put your troubled heart to rest.  Frank is one of the smartest, nicest, guys I know.  Smart actually doesn't do him justice.  Not only had he reviewed just about every authoring tool on the market when we worked together at Intel, but when he couldn't find one to suit the company's needs he built his own...and it ROCKED! 

Frank co-authored Efficiency in Learning with Ruth Clark and John Sweller.  Its rated 5 stars on

So, start making data-driven decisions and get exactly what YOU need in an authoring and development just ONE day!  You can't beat that!

Register for DevLearn08 & add Pre-conference Intensive S5.  You won't regret it!

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Anonymous said...

Brent, Thanks for the interesting perspective. I agree that it is nice to get a viewpoint that is relevant and void of marketing and sales. I see Frank's symposia was cancelled though, and I have no idea why-

Conspiracy theory... He was going to mine to waters with the truth and somebody who was paying to play didn’t like what they were going to hear?