Thursday, January 08, 2009

10 Open Source e-Learning Projects to Watch - They missed Drupal

Okay, so Drupal was not specifically created to support education and e-Learning.  However, its a powerful open source web framework that has grown a supportive developer base over the years and is getting much more user-friendly. 
I'll be posting my review of the new book:  Drupal for Education and E-Learning soon. 

But for now this post is about e-Learning Open Source Projects.  The TechWorld blog has a great post listing 10 of the most popular projects.

MOODLE gets a lot of press but the others are fairly under-represented in the blogosphere.  Have you heard of Fle3, Dokeos, or eFront?  Not me.

Sure, some of these projects are directed strictly at the academic community, but its important for corporate training managers to look at these solutions seriously.  And not because you want to test them all behind the firewall with the hopes of replacing your million dollar SABA implementation. But because these projects point to the future.

So check out the list and see what functionality each project supports.  I think you'll be surprised how many of them just might be all your need for YOUR next project. 
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