Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Andrew McAfee - Enterprise2.0 - Don't forget your IT buddy!

My biggest, simplest, tip for training professionals is this:  Get an IT buddy!

Technology drives eLearning...period!  It doesn't matter if you are integrating it into the classroom or starting over with a completely virtual solution.  From now on you will ALWAYS need the help of your IT department.  So get to know them.  Not just the management but even the lowest server admin or code monkey.  You WILL need their help at some point so start the relationship NOW.

With that said, their is one man leading the IT charge in the world of 2.0.  Harvard Business School's Andy McAfee started the trend of Enterprise 2.0 and continues to provide priceless information about the enterprise.  I've been following his blog for a while and find his insight dead on in line with what we know about creating eLearning2.0.  Mark Oehlert and Jay Cross both pointed to his latest post, "I know it When I See it" and I am inclined do the same because of how important his statements are regarding 2.0.

Andy's easy test of a "2.0 System" asks 3 simple questions:
"Is it freeform?  How frictionless is contribution? And is it emergent?"

He goes on to mention that if a system is not 2.0, that is NOT a bad thing. Not all parts of your business should be freeform, frictionless, and emergent.  I love that he added this because so many people listen to the proponents of 2.0 and immediately assume that we want to make EVERYTHING 2.0.  Its simply not true.  You must consider People, Content, & Context, before making your decision.

Bottom line:  Everything in his post is right on and I would encourage you to read it and think about your own current enterprise environment.

I look forward to continuing this conversation with you at AG|09 in a few weeks. 

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