Thursday, October 08, 2009

Preparing for DevLearn09 - Part 1

DevLearn09 (aka DL|09) is a little over 4 wks away.  Time is just flying by and the event will do the same if you are not prepared.  I've been to many events over the years, and one thing I've found is that the best experiences are well planned...with flexibility.  We've worked hard all year to program a crazy busy event with amazing speakers and awesome F2F networking and learning opportunities.  However, we can only do so much and then its up to you.  You must take control of your event experience.  That's what I hope my blog posts can help you do in the coming weeks. And YES!  There is a LOT you can be doing right now, seriously!

Step 1: Get registered
If you are NOT registered then that is the obvious first step. REGISTER NOW!
Actually. WAIT! Its not as easy as it looks.  Why? Well, you've got some important decisions to make beside whether or not you are going to DevLearn09.You must also decide if you will be attending the Adobe Learning Summit and/or an optional Pre-conference Certificate Program.  So let's figure that out right now.
Download the brochure

The Adobe Learning Summit is an amazing opportunity to expand your skills with the Adobe suite of creative products.  Any eLearning developer using Adobe products understands the importance of this event.  Sure MAX is great but wouldn't you rather get the same information tailored to your eLearning development needs? Yea, me too.  But even if you are a manager (and don't necessarity use the tools yourself) it makes sense to understand eLearning development technologies so that you understand the need when signing that purchase order.  Its also important to understand what CAN be done with these tools as you plan your eLearning Strategy for the future.  There is NOTHING more frustrating to your direct reports than dealing with your lack of technical understanding.  C'mon, step up your game and educate yourself.

Oh yea, and did I mention that Clay Shirky is the keynote.  Yea, that's right!  Author of Here Comes Everybody.  If you still haven't figured out social media and why its important then you NEED to read the book, watch the keynote, and meet the author. 
And I'd get called out by my colleagues if I failed to mention the GREAT cocktail reception held at Adobe Headquarters at the end of the day.  Seriously, this is one day that will set the stage for the rest of your week in San Jose.

After you've made your decision about Monday, its time to move your attention to Tuesday.  Tuesday is filled with focused learning opportunities in the form of Pre-conference certificate programs. Follow the link and find the content area you are interested in and add it to your week of learning.  There is a certificate program for everyone.  Review them all and pick the one that best fits your needs.  The concentrated, focused, day-long programs will get you where you need to be faster than any other learning opportunity.

Designing Scenario-based e-Learning
Ruth Clark, Clark Training & Consulting       
Strategies for Enterprise Learning in Virtual Worlds
Koreen Olbrish, Tandem Learning & David Anderson, Bank of America 
Using Articulate to Quickly Design and Develop Exceptional e-Learning Courses
Ron Price, Yukon Learning       
Best Practices for Making Video for e-Learning
Steve Haskin, S > Media
Making Social Media Work with e-Learning
Mark Oehlert, Defense Acquisition University       
Building Extensible Frameworks with Flash CS4
Dan Carr, Dan Carr Design
Creating Outstanding e-Learning with Adobe Captivate
Joe Ganci, Dazzle Technologies Corp.       
E-Learning Project Management
Anita Rosen, ReadyGo Inc.
Producing Successful Synchronous Online Sessions
Karen Hyder, The eLearning Guild       
Iterative e-Learning Design that Works!
Ethan Edwards, Allen Interactions
How to Succeed as a Do-it-Yourself e-Learning Developer
Ray Jimenez, Vignettes for Training
Be the Future of Organizational Learning: Become a Chief Meta-Learning Officer
Clark Quinn, Quinnovation and Jay Cross, Internet Time/Emergent Learning Forum    

Got all that? Okay, so NOW you can register.  REGISTER NOW!   It is a full week of intense learning, and fun that you will never forget.  Get the most bang for your buck, and make it a week of eLearning!

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