Friday, September 24, 2010

MS Office Apps Embed - eLearning Possibilities?

Apparently this feature was rolled out about 100 days ago.  I'm just discovering it now from @trinarimmer via twitter and this article from

So this looks interesting to me and instead of just a bunch of links I thought I'd actually try it out.  So I set up a new and I'm in.  I create a folder and new notebook in OneNote which I remember being a pretty cool app a few years back.  Then I see that I can get all this on my mobile phone.  So, I check it out and find NOTHING for the iPhone.  Crazy! ;-)

Now I go in and create a docx.  Cool so far.  But nothing about embed.  I can't find anything.  All of a sudden I begin to remember this feeling.  The distinctive I HATE YOU MICROSOFT feeling!  Why can't you just make stuff not only WORKS, but is brain-dead simple to use?  WHY!? Is that so hard...really?

Okay.  With all of that out of my system.  I'd like to say that if one could ever figure out how to embed a microsoft office file into a blog or web site, that would be very cool.  Its another step, albeit late, but a step nonetheless towards MS being more like the rest of the internet.  

How could you benefit from embedding MSOffice docs? I'd like to hear from you.

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Liz Dorland aka Chimera Cosmos said...

Know the feeling? Why not indeed? ;-)

Liz D.

Distance learning said...

You can check Google. It might just help.

coursesonline said...

When you say embedding, what are you wanting to achieve?