Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Is Your eLearning +1

Seems like everything is getting a game mechanic these days: Thumbs up. Thumbs down. Yeah! I'm the Mayor! Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Google has announced the +1 button. I've watched the video but have not yet found the elusive +1 button in my Google. uses game mechanics. Betcha didn't know that! Check out this Google presentation given by Amy Jo Kim (@amyjokim).

She talks about 5 basic game mechanics: Collecting, Points(Game Points, Social Points, Redeemable Points), Feedback, Exchanges, Customization.There are others but this is a good set to start thinking about. While you're watching the video be thinking about how you might incorporate them into your next corporate learning initiative.  Leave your thoughts in the comments.  Let me know how you plan to +1 your eLearning!


bill7tx said...

From the Google blog March 30:

"So how do we know which +1’s to show you? Like social search, we use many signals to identify the most useful recommendations, including things like the people you are already connected to through Google (your chat buddies and contacts, for example). Soon we may also incorporate other signals, such as your connections on sites like Twitter, to ensure your recommendations are as relevant as possible. If you want to know who you're connected to, and how, visit the “Social Circle and Content” section of the Google Dashboard.

To get started +1’ing the stuff you like, you’ll need to create a Google profile—or if you already have one, upgrade it. You can use your profile to see all of your +1’s in one place, and delete those you no longer want to recommend. To see +1’s in your Google search results you’ll need to be logged into your Google Account.

We’ll be slowly rolling out +1’s, starting in English on If you can’t wait to start seeing +1’s, we’ll soon let you opt-in to the launch by visiting our experimental search site. Initially, +1’s will appear alongside search results and ads, but in the weeks ahead they’ll appear in many more places (including other Google products and sites across the web). If you’re an advertiser and want to learn more about how the +1 button works on search ads and websites, visit our AdWords blog."

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I've been thinking a lot about games lately! Jane McGonigal talks convincingly about how it's not enough just to add points, badges and reward systems- you need to create engagement and connection between people and systems because that is what builds motivation to participate and real engagement in the content itself.

I think the biggest challenge for L&D professionals will be how to build the connection between people through social networks, games and other tools. So much potential! But lots of hard work to do.

- Kelly Meeker (@OpenSesameNow)

Brent Schlenker said...

Hi Kelly! I think Predictive Analytics will help make take gamification to the next level beyond +1 and badges, etc.
I think you are right about the hardwork. The L&D world has been turned on its head. And new technologies are popping up daily. Its a fun time, but lots of work to be done to be sure.
Thanks for commenting!