Monday, June 13, 2011

Upside Learning and Others Showcasing Mobile Learning Products at mLearnCon

I did my usual search for press releases today and noticed one from Upside Learning.  They are one of the exhibitors participating at mLearnCon in San Jose, CA June 21-23.  That's only a week away and I'm excited by all the new mobile learning products.  Upside Learning will be showcasing Upside2Go and it sounds interesting.

While this is off topic I feel the need to say how impressed I was with Upside's integration of mLearnCon's design.

I had just been reviewing the mLearnCon site prior to clicking through the press release to their site.  And it struck me how the visual elements immediately made the connection for me.  And of course this made me think about how powerful good design and imagery can be in learning when applied correctly.  It's that consistent visual theme, and branding, that helps the brain form the connections it craves.

But anyways, back to the original idea.  It's also apparent from the web site that the expo has grown significantly over last year.  The mLearning marketplace is real, and it continues to grow.  Everyone is scrambling to make sure their tools produce content ready for mobile delivery.  It's exciting to see.

Mobile Learning is definitely on everyone's radar now.  Managers, Developers, and Designers of mLearning have no choice but to face the reality of delivering content to smaller screens, breaking content into smaller chunks, understanding SMS, designing for touch screens, and SO much more.

Many of the long time readers of this blog will be at mLearnCon speaking, sharing, connecting, and helping move our industry forward.  If you're not registered for the event you can still stop by the Fairmont for an expo pass and check out all the GREAT products/services as well as benefit from mini-stages delivering hallway sessions on all sorts of topics.  

If you see me (@bschlenker) there, please stop me and say hi!

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