Thursday, September 01, 2011

4 Great Resources to Help eLearning Presenters Prepare for DevLearn

DevLearn 2011 Conference and Expo - Home.jpgWith DevLearn 2011 only a few weeks away there are over 100 speakers preparing to tell their stories to their eLearning colleagues. While many of the presenters are seasoned professionals, some are not. I think that's a good thing. I believe everyone has something to say. Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone has an eLearning tip to share that someone will benefit from hearing. And DevLearn is the best place for those opportunities to come alive.

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Beginner and experienced speakers alike can benefit from these 4 great resources.
Guy Kawasaki - Guy is a fabulous presenter. He doesn't always talk about being a great fact he does very little. But I REALLY like his 10/20/30 Rule. And while he created it for entrepreneurs presenting to venture capitalists, I truly believe the lessons apply.
Presentation Zen - Garr Reynold's has mastered the art of the slide. His philosophical approach to design is beautiful and I'm always inspired by his simplistic, elegant, slides that make very strong points. - I can't say enough nice things about Nancy Duarte. She presented at Learning Solutions 2011 and she wow'd the audience. Slide:ology and Resonate are both on my desk and available for instant refreshers when I need to get into the presentation mood. After seeing her presentation and understanding the pattern of a good speech, its fun to practice and work at getting better.
Communication nation - Dave Gray is a design thinker. He has a great post on how to present like Steve Jobs. The link will take you there. Your presentation should be like a work of art. It should be designed, not tossed together with the default template in PowerPoint. Improving your design thinking will help you in many ways.
Enjoy these links! And enjoy preparing your next presentation master piece! It should be a labor of love.

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