Wednesday, September 28, 2011

QR Codes are Still Alive and Useful - Thanks Wikipedia!

I've been excited about the possibility of QR codes for a couple years now.  But, for whatever reason, they've never really taken off.  I must admit that I find it a little cumbersome to fumble around my iPhone apps trying to find the right QR code reader that will get the job done.  So, in general, I've stopped thinking about them other than to impress non-geek friends as a party trick.
Then I came across QRpedia today.  The famous WIKIPEDIA has released a code creator specifically for Wikipedia pages.  Honestly, I really like this as a solution.  Wikipedia is a great source of information and QR codes are a cheap way to make connections between our physical world and information rich digital world.
Of course I tested QRpedia with the eLearning page in wikipedia.  Mostly because I'm not important enough to have my own wikipedia entry.  Maybe some day ;-)  So, the cool thing about these QR codes is that they can also detect what language your phone is set too.  This way the wikipedia article is automatically returned to the device in the language set on the device.  Sure, it's a little thing.  But its those little things that can really make a difference.

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