Tuesday, October 04, 2011

May the 4S be with You...at DevLearn 2011

Sorry, I couldn't resist the title.  So, I spent some time this morning listening to the Apple announcement.  Actually, I spent time listening to conversations ABOUT the Apple announcement (live.twit.tv) and WATCHED streaming text and images of the announcement being made.  There.  That's more accurate.  And yes, it was as boring as it sounds.

You can read all of the iPhone 4s details at Apple's site.

All the little upgrades to the iPhone4 are great.  All of which make the iPhone4s an even BETTER media creation device.  And since MOST people STILL don't create that much media with the iPhone they have, the updates aren't that meaningful...to most.

I love the idea of a better camera.  I love that a LOT.  And the higher rez HD video recording is a plus as well.  But it also means that each image will take up more space on the harddrive.  That means, for me, I'll  be needing the 32GB model at the very least.  My current iPhone4 is 16GB and I fill that with video and images, and apps, very quickly.

The real announcement today was about the integration of Siri.  This is the type of app that simply makes the iPhone easier to use.  It's a user experience boost which Apple, in my opinion, is most famous for.  Most of the other technology sites will be debating how well it works.  I'm going to assume it works as advertised. Watch the video.  

What does this mean for eLearning?  Does our iPhone become a mobile SME?  Dare I even write, mSME?  Does something like Siri work well with WolframAlpha?  That would be pretty cool...and very educational.  What if there was an API that we, as eLearning developers, could tap into and give our eLearning solutions the ability to "hear" the learner, and then respond?  These are all the things I'm currently pondering while I wait patiently for Oct. 14th.  Just in time for DevLearn 2011...phew.

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