Thursday, March 01, 2012

Curatr 2.0 Launches Today

What the heck is Curatr? Isn't a curator someone that works in a museum?

Yes.  Museums and libraries needed the first curators to create an experience for attendees.  Today, the internet gives us limitless access to so much information that we are truly overwhelmed.  The most successful web sites have mostly done a good job of helping us wade through the epic piles of content either by helping us search, or automatically sorting content into categories, or by giving us the ability to ask our friends and others to help us find what we need.

Unlimited access to content is a wonderful thing for learning, and there is a growing need for more, and better, curated or aggregated content by those we trust.
"Curatr encourages designers and developers of eLearning to take a different approach to the normal “click next to continue” world of eLearning. We went back to the drawing board, to imagine eLearning in a world which is already vastly rich in content,” said Ben Betts from Curatr. “This approach means you don’t have to invest huge amounts of time and money in the development of new content; you can re-use content from the Web or from within your organization to create an experience in which the learner becomes the curator of their own knowledge”.
Curatr is a very interesting approach to eLearning development.  I'm excited to see it take hold in an enterprise and watch how learning and training begins to change.

In 2011 a Curatr course won "Best Academic Course" at the DevLearn DemoFest.  It obviously had a strong impact on the eLearning community, and now version 2.0 adds even more functionality.  It's an exciting time to be in the eLearning field.

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John said...

After a day of troubleshooting end-user issues and battling SCORM-compatible quizzes, I needed this. No matter how frustrating the tasks of a day can get, all it takes is one shift in perspective to immediately energize me all over again.