Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Affective Context and Adding Emotions to Learning

This video covers a lot of ground in 10mins.  The importance of context can never be over emphasized.  I dare you to watch this and not agree...yet I'll be you will go right back to creating training exactly the way you NOW know will fail your learners (apologies to Jay Cross for using that L-word).

Thanks to +Mark Oehlert for finding this on G+.

Okay, so what did you think?  Some of it you've heard before.  Some, or all, of it may be completely new too you.  I think most of us that have been in the industry for more than a few years have written, or spoken, on these topics more than once. What I like about this video is how clearly the topics are woven together.

But the bigger question then becomes "What next?" What will you do differently as training developer?  How will influence your organizations to think differently?

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