Monday, June 02, 2014

6 Lessons in Powerpoint Design You Should Apply to eLearning Design

I am fascinated by designers...not just good, or great, designers either.  I'm talking about the designers who seem to just be born to be designers.

I found another one today and have added him to my list. Emiland De Cubber redesigned the epic 2014 Internet Trends deck by Mary Meeker and I was amazed by the results.

Lindsay Kolowich at Hubspot does a great job in highlighting and explaining the critical design features that make De Cubber's presentation more a appealing and I'll guess easier to learn from as well.

Just highlighting this makes me cringe at the thought of another communication vs. learning conversation. So, just to play it safe I will restate my montra:
Training is an event
Learning is a process
eLearning supports both
With that said, good design should be important to ALL the media produced for ALL of your training, learning, and eLearning efforts. 

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