Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Is Vertical Video the Next Big Thing?

I've always wanted a reason to try out Storify and so I took my own advice and just did it. This week I posted about Mary Meekers Internet Trends Report on the Litmos blog. There are just under 200 pages of information.  And each page lights up a new nugget of information shining light on an otherwise unseen trend in technology.

One of the most interesting items Mary reveals is the trending of vertical video.  You've seen these people. The soccer moms recording their kids with their smartphones in portrait instead of the video standard landscape mode.  Well, it's not just that soccer moms are doing it wrong.  They may actually have been the early adopters.

And of course knowing that the eLearning industry is a technology lagging indicator, I wrongly assumed that it would be a long time before training departments starts producing vertical video.

Wrong again!

Shortly after publishing my Litmos blog post I had this conversation on twitter.

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