Friday, October 14, 2005

I want my iLearn

iLearn is my take on Learning2.0.  I think the new eLearning is going to incorporate more innavations in utilizing the latest hardware more than innovations in new software.  The software technologies and/or “uses” of web2.0 have already begun to creep into the learning world.  There are many blogs, and educators talking about using blogs and wikis in the “classroom”.  All of which, for the most part, revolves around the PC as the primary delivery platform by way of the web browser.


My vision of iLearn is based on the success and pure elegance of iTunes, aggregators, and RSS feeds.  iLearn will deliver SCORM compliant knowledge objects containing text, video, audio, graphics, animations, or any mix of the media.  With connectivity to a Global LMS you can carry your certifications, history, tracking, and training scheduling with you on your new iTunes (video edition). 


Imagine getting up in the morning and synching your iPod with iLearn and having all relevant info needed for the day downloaded for your viewing.  While riding…<insert your favorite mass transit system> …you watch a video of your CEO, and listen to a PodCast of your Voice mail inbox delivering passdowns from your manager, peers, and your son/daughter in college (asking for money of course).  You are also informed that your certification training is due for renewal and the appropriate video materials have been downloaded for you to watch.  When you get your desk you synch with your computer at work and it recognizes that you have watched the certification video and requests that you take a test proving your skills.  Of course this evaluation is not a multiple choice test…no…instead you log into a virtual world and your avatar, representing you, is put into situations and simulated tests of your new abilities.


None of these ideas are new however the complete picture has yet to be realized.



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