Monday, October 03, 2005

Storytelling - Graphic Novels - eLearning

Web Comics Review

Web Comics Review has a great article on the history of web comics and in reading it I am reminded how fun graphic novels are to engage in. And also, how much we can learn by following an engaging story line.

Stories put information and data into a familiar context for the recipient. Using short metaphors in our training is helpful, however I've seen very few well designed metaphors or stories within eLearning that are graphically represented utilizing the design style of the graphic novel or comic strip.

Everyone loves a good comic strip. What a fun way to translate information into meaning for our end users.

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Corporate Fish said...

I have to agree with you on this one Brent. I never outgrew graphic novels and still read them to this day from time to time. It is a great medium to express ideas in a very quick visual way and if your learners are visual (and a majority are)they are sure to recall/retain the content longer. It's also fun and off the beaten path of what most training looks like today. Count me in!!