Wednesday, December 14, 2005

eLearning Sucks Passionately

One of my favorite bloggers Kathy Sierra has another great post that supports my latest crusade of design being the next and only value-add remaining for eLearning Developers.
...but is it interesting?
She lists the following traits that your brain may find interesting.

* Surprise, novelty, the unexpected
* Beauty
* Stories
* Conversation
* Emotionally touching (the whole kids and puppies thing)
* Counterintuitive failures or mistakes
* Fun, playfulness, humor
* Varying visuals
* Faces of people, especially with strong expressions
* Sounds, music
* Shock, creepy things
* Sexiness

It's interesting to me that to accomplish all of these you MUST have a firm grasp of DESIGN and technical savvy. How do make something "sexy"? How to you create beauty? Or varying visuals? That's design. To create online conversations you better understand how to create an online environment that can promote a meaningful, contextual, conversation. You also need technical muscle to create envirnments that allow for safe failures and learning from the mistakes. You also better understand MP3 and podcasting if sounds and music are going to be used as a tool to create something INTERESTING.

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