Friday, April 28, 2006

Google 3D via Sketchup

I love this little tool.  It’s the greatest tool to hit the 3D market.  Now, it’s FREE!

Google announced it here yesterday.  Interactive 3D that is immersive is so incredibly powerful as a training tool.  I don’t understand why all basic entry level business process training is NOT done using these tools.  The frustrating part for me has always been the formatting issue.  I never could export my objects into the .W3D format that is supported by Director3D.  I also don’t know if you could export to a format that you could simply import into SecondLife.  The multitude of formats is simply killing the usability of 3D in the corporate space.  There are many great free tools, and many great inexpensive tools, as well as outstanding expensive tools.  But if I can’t get a cheap tool to work in my chosen environment then I am out of luck…I sit…and I wait for the next one.


Hey, SUPERSCAPE!  Will you ever resurrect the VRT?  You had the greatest tool going 10 years ago.  I still haven’t found anything as simple to use and just plain cool.


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