Monday, May 22, 2006

Innovate and WoW

Quickly read latest e-clippings posts.  [Welcome back, Mark]
Mention of NeverWinter Nights and MMOGs as Learning Environments reminded me of an article in the June issue of Wired written by Joi Ito called the World of Warcrack. 

I know many people that don't understand the allure of MMOGs but for me, WoW is absolutely the most addictive game I have ever played.  And I'm nowhere near able to run with the crowds that do a 40 person raid using VOIP for 6 hours at a time.  For me it's one hour here, and 10 mins there, when ever I can find the time.  That's why I'm still a lowly Level 18 Orc Warrior.  Wow is simply an amazing feat of genius and creativity that is the outcome of 6 years in the making.  You cannot understand unless you play. 

The modding tools of NeverWinter nights is amazing and most certainly can, and should be used for training purposes.  Its such a perfect fit.  Bioware could easily repackage the modding environment, slightly alter some code and repackage the editing tools as a Training Simulation Authoring tool.  And they could sell for a lot more than the $50 you pay to get it with the game.  MIT has been working with modding NWN for a few years now however I haven't seen the final version.

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