Wednesday, June 28, 2006

TVersity: Serving up your own personal media channel

An Intel Colleague from the Digital Home Group blogged this little gem.  Set up your own server that can deliver your personal content in multiple formats for FREE!  TVersity is the product and it conjurs up all sorts of ideas for distributing learning content behind a firewall to the many digital devices available to our employees.

What is it?
"The TVersity Media Server lets you manage your Internet and home media and create your personalized lineup of channels, or as we call it your Personal Entertainment Guide (PEG). It then serves this media to a multitude of networked devices in the home or on the go, overcoming their inherent limitations by doing all the necessary conversions on the fly, and thus making your media available anywhere, anytime and from any device."

"TVersity supports three families of devices and applications:

  • UPnP / DLNA Devices - Devices supporting the UPnP AV / DLNA standard (which is the de-facto standard for connecitivity between devices in the digital home). This includes devices like networked TVs, DVDs, Stereo Receivers, Digital Media Adapaters/Receivers, Mobile Phones, Satellite and Cable set-top-boxes and more.
  • Web enabled Devices - Devices with a web browser (XHTML-MP or WAP 2.0) and media streaming or downloading capabilities like Mobile Phones, PDAs, the Sony PSP, and more.
  • RSS / Podcasts enabled Devices - Devices with an RSS reader that can handle enclosed media and either stream or download it, like the Sony PSP, iTunes/iPod and more."

The devices above are the Razr cell phone, Sony PSP, and a screenshot from a TV connected to a media hub.
This truly allows content developers to "publish once, play anywhere".   To much to list here.  You must check it out.

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