Thursday, August 10, 2006

eLearnDevCon - continuing the Learning2.0 conversation

It originally looked like I was the only one blogging the eLearnDevCon, but I was very happy to find Matthew (no last name) over at m-learning world. Hi Matt!
Here's Matt's review of my session:
"Learning 2.0, The Revolution has begun! (Brent Schlenker)- Another conference shortened by technical difficulties, but still very informative. We all know Web2.0, well Learning 2.0 is basically what was coined as asynchronous learning last year. The possibility of using blogs and wikis to teach is interesting, but, even with my support of eduChaos, I still worry that at some point, chaos must have a level of control. One only has to look at how conspiracy theories have become 'common knowledge' (think of all the Halliburton/ War for Oil conspiracy bull shit). One can expect that the community would police itself and it would all balance itself out in the end, but we can simply look at John Conyers recent impeachment proposal to realize how the conspiracy fiction is a self feeding monster (OK, I'll shut up with the politic here and leave that for Abaraxas.)"
First of all I'd like to thank Matt for helping to continue the conversation. Looks like I really drove home the chaos theory. I've been blogging this stuff for a year (exactly...on Aug. 23) and attending conferences is such a great way to give myself a reality check. When asking the audience if they had heard of Learning2.0 I saw 2 hands go up within a packed conference room. So this stuff is still very new.
I'd love to hear from others especially on how "Learning2.0 was coined as asynchronous learning last year." Wow! I totally missed the mark on that one. I could write a huge response (and I will later), I want to hear what others think about it.
Join the conversation! Is Learning2.0 simply asynchronous training with new tools(i.e. blogs, wikis)?

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Matthew Nehrling said...

Thanks for the plug Brent, albeit, I do plan to write more on this now that I'm not putting up with on and off hotel WiFi.