Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Guild Research used in Business Week - Sweet!

It was exciting to see Guild research as part of an article in Business Week.

From the Story
"...fledgling corporate games and virtual worlds are not nearly as sophisticated or visually stunning as some of the most popular consumer games involving millions of players, such as World of Warcraft, but they are precursors of what's in the pipeline. In a recent survey of nearly 1,500 people in large and small companies, the eLearning Guild—a group investigating the design and management of e-learning tools for business, government, and education—found that the number of people using games for work in the financial and banking industries alone had increased from 33% to nearly 40% in the past nine months."

From the Slideshow
"Even more traditionally conservative industries such as insurance and finance are now giving immersive games a whirl. According to a 2007 survey by the eLearning Guild, which polled nearly 1,500 of its members, from large and small companies throughout the U.S., 38% of insurance companies are investigating using games for work. In finance, accounting, and banking, that figure was above 50%."

I love this stuff! The data is rich and truly helps tell the story. The greatest thing is that as we track this data over time it never gets outdated. Its always getting better and better, and telling a better story over time.

If you haven't updated your profile or survey information in a while I would highly encourage it. The eLearning Guild

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