Monday, April 07, 2008

Johnny Bunko launches Monday

Daniel Pink releases is latest book on the challenges of our changing world of work.

The Adventures of Johnny Bunko - The Last Career Guide You'll Ever Need

One of the great things about this book is that it is done in comic style - manga-style to be exact. Learn more about why the comic style is great for learning by reading some of the research done by Neil Cohn. I met Neil at vizthink08 and he is a great guy doing some really cool research in this space.

I have not read it yet, but I was excited to see Dan coming out with another book. I LOVED A Whole New Mind, and still refer to it often. I highly recommend to any one that I'm talking too about the new world economy. Or anyone with kids that thinks their kids can "do" school the same way we did and be successful. Hah! Think again.


Aaron said...

Launches? Brent, Amazon dropped it to me last week and let me tell you -- it's a game-changing book. Not because it drops anything particularly new on you, but the way in which it does it -- as a learning professional, will absolutely blow your mind.

Dan Pink has made business texts relevant in a whole new way. I only hope this is opening the floodgates for more business manga, and not just some novelty act.

bschlenker said...

this was a special release just for this blog ;-)
its called the day late and a dollar short promotion.

Joking aside, now I'm REALLY excited about getting my hands on it.