Monday, January 24, 2011

Measuring Engagement ROI - Applies to eLearning as well

Here is a great article from a marketing guy, but the idea covers measuring engagement and how best to measure social media. Many in marketing and in eLearning are struggling with social media and figuring out what/how to measure.

It may not be exactly what you are looking for, or what you need. But the author brings up some good points that might stimulate your thinking in a direction that does get you to your unique answer.

Tell me: Is measuring engagement the right thing to measure? How do you measure it?

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Here’s a quick and simple trick to measuring your engagement ROI:
metric blog image 300x214 How To: Make a Social Media Ambassador Cringe

ROI equates to how many people are responding to your content and joining your community to hear your message every month. If that’s 100 people, divide the cost of your social media marketing by 100. That’s what engagement is costing you. This means your STRATEGY needs to be to increase the number of followers and also the level of engagement of those followers, thus lowering your costs.


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