Thursday, January 25, 2007

Paper-based Learning - DIY Job Aids

No matter how much we push technology-based learning, we will never become completely paper-less. I have a Mac, a PC, a Treo, and a Blackberry, but without pen and paper near by I'm lost. (I hoping the iPhone helps a little ;-)
We (the learning community) are all about improving performance and the guys at 43folders are all about improving productivity...splitting hairs I suppose. They get it!
I LOVE the PocketMod! And so when I was listening to MacBreak Weekly (episode25) today they mentioned the new drag'n'drop tool from Big Nerd Ranch called pagepacker that makes the Pocketmod even BETTER and more fun to create.
If you are a Windows user then you are still stuck with the PocketMod (win), but that alone still rocks!

Check out all of the great info on the PagePacker from THIS POST.

The greatest part about this little tool is it's ability to take any photo, pdf, or file and resize it to fit the pages. What a great instant jobaid creator! Take some photos, drag them in. They're small and disposible too.

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