Thursday, September 15, 2005

Web2.0 for Designers - eLearning Developers

The above article strengthens my belief that giant enterprise systems will always automate 10 year old technologies and methods. I mostly refer to the world of LMS. 10 years ago we created our own navigation systems, multiple choice testing systems, tracking, database connectivity, help systems, login processes, etc, for each project (with some, but very little, reuse). The LMS of today takes away all of the mundane replication of those pieces of eLearning and automates it with Publishing applications.

So what about Web2.0? Knowing and understanding RSS feeds, communities of practice, and the obvious desire for people to publish content, how do we utilize these technologies NOW? Instead of waiting another 10 years for the enterprise systems to catch up.

And that reminds me of another point I've made in the past...

Why don't we use the tools that exist in the public domain as the tools for knowledge transfer within the walls of the corporation? Even if it is a micro-version available only internally to employees.

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