Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Virtual Hollywood for eLearning Content Creation

So your tired of searching clipart artchives and photo archives to find the perfect picture. You can't get the shot professionally staged and shot in studio...to much $$$...besides the course isn't really that important you just need to crank it out.

Machinima is the answer! Online games/environments like SecondLife offer a completely FREE virtual Hollywood for your content production. You can create/modify your "actors"...this is great for creating a culturally diverse character set. You can also find or create your own "sets". Let's say you need an Asian female sitting at a computer. You could spend the day hunting down a co-worker and setting up the shot in the closest office or cubical and snap the shot with your personal digital camera, download it to your computer and try to make it work.
You could modify your avatar to have an asian femal appearance sit her down in front of a computer and press printscreen...and your done.

For advanced prodcutions you can create full blown scenes and capture as a video file. What you can do as machinima in a day would take weeks and large $$$ to do in the real world.

The latest online app is called The Movies Game. Its more than a game. With advanced game play you get to do whatever you want in the virtual world. Create your own movie set and produce your own movie. Very fun!

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