Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Strategies and Techniques for Implementing Social, Collaborative, and 3D Learning (Virtual Worlds)

December Online Forum: Dec 13 & 14 REGISTER HERE

This Online Forum explores different types of collaborative and social technology-based learning. It will examine the use of these technologies to support your current learning initiative or as stand-alone learning environments. You will see how to use different tools to build collaboration into learning, as well as new development techniques and processes. You will also see a wide variety of examples, and discuss their design and development aspects. Take this opportunity NOW to incorporate collaborative and social aspects into your e-Learning and...

  • EXPLORE how to incorporate collaborative approaches into your current learning curricula
  • EXAMINE how to use social learning to create business value
  • DISCOVER how generational and cultural differences impact social learning design
  • ENSURE that your learning programs draw upon the knowledge and experience of all learners
Yes, of course I'm biased. BUT, this is my favorite topic in all of elearning these days. Its not all of elearning but its a much bigger part than many want to believe.
I have a special interest in hearing my old Intel colleague Josh Bancroft talk about his experience implementing the internal corporate wiki that is known as Intelpedia. Its a GREAT case study in implementing a wiki using MediaWiki. His session is at 8:30am Friday. Josh is actually on sabbatical and so I extend an extra special thank you to him for giving us his time and sharing his experience.

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