Monday, January 30, 2006

Learning is life and vice versa

As part of the elearnspace blog summary email, George Siemens adds this beautiful statement and link (btw - not found in his blog).
In previous posts, I've made vague statements that our conception of learning is too narrow. We define learning as knowledge acquisition, training, intellectual growth, career preparation, etc. These are all aspects of learning, but they are "small views". Simply put, life is learning, business is learning. Learning is not a component of life and business - it is the entity itself. Learning is a constant thread that runs through life. The challenges facing organizations today are addressed through learning - but not learning the way we have done it in the past. Courses, programs, and certifications still have a role, but no longer primary. The real task of organizations is to create an ecology of learning that provides the needed basis for transformations. Society, business, and life have changed so dramatically, that our existing means of organizing ourselves seems terribly outdated. The new organisation: "The way people work has changed dramatically, but the way their companies are organised lags far behind..."

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