Monday, January 30, 2006

3-Step ISD

My mantra for 2006 comes from Tom Peters,
"Simplicity, Clarity, Grace, Beauty"

I look for it every day and in all things that I do. My latest favorite blog is Communication Nation and I have found all four here. This gem, recently posted, gives me hope that the Learning Community will one day be able to simplify and clarify the messages we put out to the masses. If we refuse to spend the $$$ for HIGHLY engaging, HIGHLY (appropriately) interactive learning environments (i.e. sims, games, etc) then, at the very least, we must stop making learning so incredibly painful for our customers.

Communication Nation: A simple recipe for effective communication

Side note: this is the same as the post earlier, however that was a test of blogging from my treo650 and it didn't turn out well, but I LEARNED SOMETHING!!! Isn't life ramarkably fun!!!

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