Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Wabi Sabi Learning Design

I am in the middle of a course redesign project and took a break to visit some of my favorite blogs that I have not visited in a while. GarrReynolds is a favorite of mine and this post regarding wabi-sabi has me more convinced than ever that my new design ideas are right on the mark. I love this quote...
"Do only what is necessary to convey what is essential."
I've posted on wabi-sabi in the past, but it is worth posting again. I also believe wabi-sabi is very Web2.0, but more on that in another post.

I give kudos to the producers of the How We Do It training series from Applied Materials. The web videos are well designed, simple, clear, and beautiful to watch. The Build a Transistor Challenge is a great learning activity for anyone. Again...simple, clear, graceful, and beautiful.

Just because you SIMPLIFY doesn't mean you STUPIFY.
(If your customers complain about not enough content then supply a list of books, blogs, articles, white papers, etc as additional resources.)

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