Sunday, August 13, 2006

79-year-old YouTube Superstar

Okay people!  Don't tell me this web2.0 stuff isn't changing the world!  And don't tell me that it isn't causing chaos in many, many ways.  When a 79-year-old can figure out his web cam and computer and post videos to YouTube, AND get 70,000 subscribers, 9,000 comments, and almost 1/2 a million unique views...SOMETHING is going on!!!
Geriatric1927 obviously breaks the stereotype of senior living, but if you read the comments from the post at Open (minds, finds, conversations), then you begin to see the power, application, and potential of these new tools for user-generated content.
Cheers to you ROCK!

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Harold Jarche said...

I watched a couple of his videos and the main element is that he tells a story. We have a real need to connect with other people and tell stories. Geriatric1927 is a virtual parent/grandparent who has made it real easy to connect to his stories online and make him part of our story. The tip of the iceberg I'd say.