Thursday, August 31, 2006

I,I,I,I,I,I,I - I'm #1

Because my blogging experience started as an experiment into what, if anything, we can use blogs for in corporate learning, I am very interested in other's experience's and ideas on the topic.  Tony has a great post today referencing a comment from Guy Kawasaki about newbie bloggers using "I" too much and not having anything to say.  I also read many marketing blogs and such that discuss becoming a better blogger, etc.
I hate to sound like such a purist but most of this stuff really starts to get under my skin.  As far as I know, and the last time I checked, blogs were supposed to be all about the author, whether you used the word "I" or not.  I like Tony's take on it, and I'll expand by saying that just because I use "I" a lot doesn't mean that I think everyone is hanging on my every word.  Blogging is a vehicle for communicating my thoughts on topics that I am passionate about.  All of the junk that's out there telling people "how to be a better blogger", and "writing the perfect blog title", and "how to make millions blogging" is all just junk.  I don't read them any more. 
The new web actually IS all about ME, and everyone else having the oportunity to share their own "I" statements.   According to Business2.0 magazine "I" holds the number #1 spot among the 50 people who matter.  Take that, Guy!  I can publish what ever I want, when ever I want, and I can consume anything I want whenever I want too.  And if I don't think someone has something to say because they use "I" too much, then I can turn them off.
So did I get enough "I"s in there?

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Anonymous said...

This is good stuff and damn funny too. I have never felt that there was anything wrong with using too many I's.

In fact I just wrote an email ealier today explaning the problem I was having and how I couldn't accomplish certain tasks that I wanted to because the program wouldn't let ME work the way I wanted to!!

Is software developed for them programmers or is it developed for "I", you know ME, the real user;)

Cheers, I will catch you later!