Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Decembers BIG QUESTION! Part III

What are your predictions for 2007?

1.  Enterprise Learning2.0:  With the coming of Vista and the inevitable LMS upgrades, corporations will begin to see, touch, and feel the collective power of RSS, tagging, social networks, and user-generated content.  But the biggest surprise to many of the big players will be the introduction of new startups with extremely POWERFUL webservices and OPEN APIs at a FRACTION of the cost of the big boys. 
(I will do an individual post on this later, but check out Instancy for a preview.  Also check out trainingindustry.com which is built on their engine.)

2.  Epistemology and Epistemic Games:  A great book by David Williamson Shaffer hits the shelves very soon.  I believe it will begin to move Games into the learning world as a legitimate learning tool.  I loved reading this book and have recommended to all my friends.   The book can be PRE-ORDERED at Amazon.com
(I will post a specific review very soon)

3.  SecondLife:  Without a doubt open virtual environments are going to make a big move into the Learning world in 2007.  Efforts like SLOODLE which mashes up MOODLE and Secondlife are only the beginning.  Don't let the negative press, strange looking avatars, and minor system gliches scare you away.  The learning possibilities within Secondlife are endless.

4.  Grassroots Powerplay:  The user-generated content movement will pick up steam in 2007.  Professionals will begin to see value in Me Inc. and the real players will begin to use wikis, blogs, and RSS to increase their circle of influence, learn, share, and create value for their personal brand.  If you haven't done this for yourself, then 2007 is the year you should start. 

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