Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Learning Music - Add your favorites!

Do you ever listen to music and hear a line in the lyrics that makes you think about Learning?

Okay maybe its just me, but I hear a song like "Schools Out" by Alice Cooper... ...and I think about education. Alice actually lives in my neighborhood and he's a wonderful family man that is very active in the community. I have never met him personally but he has a great reputation as a philanthropist. His Christmas fundraiser Alice Cooper's Christmas Pudding is always a HUGE hit in Phoenix.

Or perhaps, you're a RUSH fan and listening to "Show, Don't Tell", makes you say to yourself "Yeah! Show me something. Don't just tell me about it!".

I can't be the only one. And if I am, I'm going to be very embarrassed so help me out here...

I've started a Learning Music WIKI page at elearndev.pbwiki.com for everyone to add to the collection of Learning related lyrics and songs.

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