Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Five Things Meme ... just for Youyou

Okay so I saw this going around the bloggosphere. Half of me is thinkin', interesting...the other half silently thinking...please, please, not me. Damn you TONY!!! ;-)

And yes, Tony is one ultra-tall guy!

Okay...Five we go!

1) I'm the grandson of a Lutheran minister. My younger brother kept up the tradition and is now a Lutheran minister in Florida. Some of you may have met my brother at Learning2006. He and I had a fabulous time with Eilleen Clegg and some of her friends...(it was Eilleen's birthday)
UPDATE Dec. 2008: My brother is still a pastor in Florida and he recently performed the wedding for my older brother and his wife.

2) I'm an Arizona native: yes, people did actually live here in the 70s. I live 3 houses away from my high school...scary.
UPDATE Dec. 2008: Still live here, still scary. But this year we added a second floor and a guest quaters so that my wife's 97yr old aunt could move in with us.

3) My wife and I created a Fall Prevention video for Seniors that we sell on and as a marketing tool for large corporations in the healthcare industry. More than one-third of adults ages 65 years and older fall each year. Among older adults, falls are the leading cause of injury deaths. More stats from the
UPDATE Dec. 2008: Lots of local media coverage this year and Linda is now writing columns for local papers on topics concerning seniors.

4) I have 3 kids (5,7,9), 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 fish, 1 desert tortoise, and 2 red bearded dragons (the female is about to lay eggs...much excitement around our house!)
UPDATE Dec. 2008: The kids are now 7, 9, and 11. Still have buddy(the mut) and Emmadog (the newfoundland), and Wally (the cat). Bubbles the toroise, "ran" away. We had to give away the 2 giant bearded dragons. (The batch of eggs didn't make it)

5) My 9 year old daughter will be swimming Alcatraz in April '07 to raise money and awareness for Water Safety. She will be the youngest girl (by 2 months) to have done the 1.4 mile open water swim. Her idol, friend, and hero is Alison Levine, who led the first all-women team up Mt. Everest (after heart surgery no less), was going to do the swim with her but has events scheduled at the same time.
On a side note Alison is founder of and is an amazing speaker. I highly recommend her for any event.

UPDATE Dec. 2008: Emma achieved her goal and became the youngest girl to swim Alcatraz. Her story was covered on over 200 media outlets around the world. She was also invited to be on the Ellen Degeneres show. Ellen sent us on a lovely trip to Jamaica where Emma presented her message of water safety to a local Jamaican school. Emma is now doing charity work for Phoenix Fire Department, and Phoenix Children's Hospital for Water Safety awareness in Arizona. She's becoming quite a confident little speaker. I'm a VERY proud daddy.

Okay that's I guess it's my turn to pass the buck but I just don't have the heart. Sorry folks. I'll let you pick up the ball and run with it if you feel so moved.

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