Wednesday, December 20, 2006

DIY Visual Thinking School

Communication Nation is still one of my favorite blogs. I love this post on the DIY Visual Thinking School.

But here is the great learning quote that is right on the money...

"You don't need to be an expert to run visual thinking workshops. Instead of thinking of yourself as a teacher, think of yourself as a learning director. Learning, as opposed to teaching, can be largely self-directed and is usually about a person trying to figure out a way to achieve a goal.

You don't need to be a teacher as much as a goal-setter. Once you have set learning objectives, you can have your team design learning activities themselves."

This gets to my many points in the past about motivation too. It truly doesn't matter if information is well designed via ISD or some other mumbo jumbo. If someone has a goal and is motivated to make that goal happen then they will find a way to get the information/training/learning they need to get it done.

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